W h e r e  i s  A E J  C e r a m i c s  l o c a t e d ?
Our studio is located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Each piece is made here by ceramic artist Audrey Jurek. 
A r e  p i e c e s  f o o d,  m i c r o w a v e,  a n d  d i s h w a s h e r  s a f e ?
Yes! It is our intention and hope that our work is used and loved around the home. We work to ensure that the materials we use are 100% safe to consumers. All of our pieces are food, microwave and dishwasher safe. 
I s  i t  n o r m a l   f o r   p i e c e s  t o  s t a i n   a f t e r  t i m e  a n d  w i t h   u s e ?
Yes, some pieces, especially mugs and cups, are prone to staining with continued use. This happens especially with beverages like tea, coffee, and wine. Some glazes are prone to more staining than others. This is a normal and expected part of ware and tare. 
W h o l e s a l e ? 
We are open to wholesale possibilities please contact us directly to discuss any interest in carrying AEJ Ceramics. 

Phone: 402 - 917 - 8807

Email:  audrey@aejceramics.com

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