My favorite moment of the day is breakfast. The warm morning sun streams through the window while steam rises out of a cup of hot coffee. Usually it’s a simple breakfast, but it’s a place of preparation. A minute of peace before the day begins.


When I set out to create my pieces, it’s from this place. At the heart of my creation process is a desire to serve, nourish, and create a connection between you the end user, me the creator, and the material that lives between us. My goal is to create humble, functional objects that reflect a pure, simple aesthetic. To do this, I focus on a neutral color palette so that material and function are able to speak for themselves. I manipulate each form to leave clear evidence of the hand that created it.


Whether it’s indentations in a cup that reflect how my hand once grasped it, or irregularities in the shape of a bowl, there is a beauty in those reminders that, even in the objects we use at the dinner table, we are all connected.